We have now launched our brand new website, with our first edition of gloves now available, the PRO range.

Here at #GWKeeping, we've been looking into and researching the latest professional goalkeeping gloves, with our emphasis being on making the gloves affordable. We have come up with a design that has been tested by professionals, with their input being extremely valuable to making slight adjustments.

Professional design is key.

“How the glove looks is a key factor - you need to feel good in the gloves you wear. Combine this with the best materials and manufacturing care, and you have a top, professional glove.”

The styles of the gloves were an interesting factor. Our first range (#prorange) consists of three different cuts/styles. The #roll finger cut, #negative cut and #hybrid cut. Each bringing something different to the table. All of the cuts are popular in the present goalkeeping world, and offer you a wide enough choice to find the perfect glove.

Not sure what cut you are?

We understand that some goalkeepers, especially the younger #keepers don't necessarily know which style or cut suits them best. So we've come up with a #bundle, which contains all 3 styles of our gloves. We have rolled this out at a huge discounted rate, so that you can try each of them and find the best one for you. You can find our #probundle by clicking here.

We hope you enjoy our products.

- GWKeeping.
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