Up to 30% off now on all gloves, including our #ProBundle

Our #ProBundle offers you the opportunity to try all of our three styles of gloves, at a huge discounted rate. At over 30% off, this is a massive deal for anyone unsure about which style suits them best, or for people who like all three of our styles!

Go straight to the #ProBundle page by clicking here.

Our most popular glove - the #ProRoll, is on sale at £24.99, offering a huge saving of well over 20%. This glove is made from premium products, including a 4mm premium german latex, that wraps all the way around the hand - so it's not just the palms with the premium latex, but also the whole backhand and strap! The roll cut is designed to increase hand to ball contact, by wrapping the latex all the way around your fingers. Click here to go straight to the roll finger glove product page.

The #ProHybrid cut is becoming an increasingly popular choice, as it combines the best of two famous goalkeeper glove styles. The outside fingers and roll style, whilst the inside two fingers are flat palm, offering the classic comfort which many goalkeepers prefer! At a bargain of £24.99, you can also get this style glove at a saving of well over 20%. You can go straight to the product page by clicking here. This glove is ideal if you are wanting an all-round, professional feeling glove.

Finally, the last style of glove on our market is the #ProNegative cut. Made for goalkeepers that prefer a tighter fitting glove, where you can feel the ball more upon contact. The stitching is reversed, so the palms are made of 100% 4mm premium german latex. The thumb also has a thin slit made of stretch mesh - to further improve the movement and snug feel of the glove. Also at £24.99, this glove offers a bargain to anyone liking the tighter fitting gloves! Visit the negative cut product page by clicking here.

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