The WHITEOUT range is the latest edition of gloves at GWKeeping. Designed and tested by multiple professional goalkeepers, the gloves provide excellence and reliability to goalkeepers of all abilities.

4mm premium soft german latex
360* finger-tip roll for maximum contact
Front and backhand latex wrap
Secure lock strap
Finger ventilation pockets
Breathable neo-mesh for enhanced movement

The negative cut has become extremely popular over the past few seasons, stemming from the european style of glove making. It takes a flat-palm style cut, but reverses the stitching method, so all the stitching/gussets are inside of the glove, providing a much tighter and snug feel. Goalkeepers that use this glove often feel they have more control when catching the ball, as the ball feels more 'true' when contacting with the hand. Please note, the negative glove can often wear a little quicker than other cuts, due to the soft latex being far more exposed.