[Multi-Pack] Adult Premium Grip Socks

[Multi-Pack] Premium Anti-Slip Grip Socks


Take advantage of a big saving when buying our grip socks in a multi-pack of 3!


Size: The use of elasticated materials ensures a tight fit for most adult size feet. However, for optimal fit we recommend the socks for size (UK 7-11, US 8-12) footwear.


Stay in control of your movements, with our premium quality anti-slip grip socks. Designed based on professional experience and feedback, our socks give you the confidence to move with more speed and agility. Our grip modules are circular shape, to not just restrict you to sideways movements; but to give you a full 360* range of movement.


The mixture of premium elasticated materials provides extreme comfort, with a cushioned sole; but also ensures the long durability of the sock.


TechGrip: Both the inside and more evidently the outside of the sock has circular module grips, to provide improved stability during 360* movements, accellerations and deceleration.


Comfort: The cushioned sole provides a more personal fit; where the sock will fit ergonomically around your foot with the enhanced elasticated design.


Durable: We only use top quality materials in our socks, so that we can ensure we believe we're providing you the most durable sock possible.


The sock is designed to be worn inside footwear. Machine wash in cold water with similar colours. Do not bleach.


45% cotton, 30% polyamide, 15% polyester, 10% spandex.



[Multi-Pack] Adult Premium Grip Socks

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